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Our Company

GoToMetrix is a new type of market research firm connecting you with your customers through our SmartMetrix™ and Point of Experience Measurement (POEM)™ tools. We recognize that consumers move from one experience to another leaving data that feeds a narrative all along the way. This data does not reside in one place, or in one form, which is why we do not limit ourselves to one way of thinking when it comes to how we gather it.  GoToMetrix is dedicated to turning customer’s stories into actionable insight which allows you to more effectively and efficiently grow your business. International in it’s reach, GoToMetrix can provide you with insights from any market, anywhere and in real-time.

GoToMetrix embraces a simple maxim: Fulfill need. Solve Problems. Change The World.

We don’t sell tools…we help you get workable solutions!

Some Ways We Can Help:
  • Point of Experience Measurements
  • Real-time Qualitative Intercepts
  • Customer Experience (Cx) Research
  • Product Development Research
  • Brand Research
  • Communications Research
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Segmentation
  • Choice Models
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Big Data Optimization

How Can We Help? — To reach us so we can discuss your needs (we promise to be good listeners) click on the contact tab at the bottom right of the screen to set up some time to talk.