Insights Powered By Market Research

Big Data is the newest frontier in a variety of industries and disciplines today, including customer intelligence.

At its best, Big Data gives us keen understandings of our customers’ wants and needs that can allow us to identify opportunities to exceed the customers’ expectations, develop the right new products and services, and ultimately, drive the bottom line.  But poor use of Big Data, whether through poor collection, verification, analysis or any other myriad of reasons, does just the opposite.

For better or worse, Big Data is here to stay.  So where is market research’s place in Big Data?  GoToMetrix can show you how it contributes elements to the data that are close to impossible to collect from the simple facts recorded in transactions as well as from the outward “face” that we share with others in public forums. Properly conducted market research will always remind us that our customers are human, and they sometimes have feelings and make decisions that leave us scratching our heads and wondering…

Why aren’t they acting like we predicted they would?

GoToMetrix will be your partner in making sure the voice of the customer is heard, listened to, and clearly interpreted to get to the core of their opinions and most likely courses of action. We will always strive to be your go-to market research partner to use Big Data to its highest potential.  We can…

  • Help you plan and execute research to add details about your customers’ wants, needs, plans, and actions that will enhance Big Data’s contribution to your company’s insights and knowledge base.
  • Work with you to develop business strategies through data-driven decision making that don’t lose touch with your customers emotionally.
  • Bridge the gap between data science and strategic business planning.
  • Serve with you as proponents of Big Data Best Practices in your organization to ensure that ethics are considered when appending and warehousing market research data.
  • Listen to the needs you’ve identified in your company and work with you to develop custom strategies to get the best return from your market research projects.

Despite what some believe, Big Data doesn’t mark the end of market research, it marks a new beginning where market research can add more value to the business than ever.  GoToMetrix is happy to partner with you to help your company reach the next level of customer engagement.

To get the conversation started, contact us, and we can share specific strategies for your company.