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    Our SmartConsumerMetrix™ have you, and your customer, resting easy.
  • Business To Business
    We can help you understand your customer when they are focusing on understanding theirs.
  • Energy
    We provide SmartEnergyMetrix™ for those whose job it is to energize our world.
  • Real Estate
    Our SmartRealEstateMetrix™ will help you optimize portfolio performance.
  • Retail
    Our SmartRetailMetrix™ will have your shoppers coming back for more.
  • Hospitality
    Our SmartHospitalityMetrix™ will help you make your guest feel warm and welcome every time.

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We provide solutions and services that are flexible to meet your needs and schedule.

At The Point

Our Point of Experience Measurement tools are designed to capture your customer's thinking and behavior at the point of interaction.

Anywhere Insights

We are platform agnostic - which means that we grab insights from reliable sources, no matter where it exists.

Great Support

You have full support and access to all of our resources throughout your research and data projects.

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Industry Highlights

Your customers are on the move. Between online, offline, mobile, pop-up sites, and more, shoppers are no longer restricted in where they get the goods they want.  With our SmartRetailMetrix™ you can gain understanding at all their points of experienc
Power providers need to act smart and be smart when it comes to delivering quality services. Our SmartEnergyMetrix™ provide you with the tools to get the job done – and maybe make you look like a genius to your customers at the same time.
Understanding and acting on your customer’s needs in the hospitality industry can make the difference between a good experience and a memorably great one.  Our SmartHospitalityMetrix™ will help you make memories that they will cherish.
We provide the real estate industry with an insight into their customer’s needs and lifestyles like no other.  With our SmartRealEstateMetrix™ you’re sure to improve your tenant’s experience along with your portfolio’s value.

At Your Service

  • Market Research

    At the core of our service is a no holds barred, roll up your sleeves approach to getting at insights our partners can use.
  • Deep-Dive Analytics

    In order to provide maximum insight at every engagement we realize that market research does not occur in a vacuum. GoToMetrix combines leading-edge market research, rock solid methodologies and multiple data platforms/sources to provide a rich working narrative.
  • Full Service

    Full service is more than a statement of what we can provide customers looking for market research solutions. Full service is the way we approach our partner engagements. We give our full service, our full measure, every time.

Interesting Quotes

  • Sixty-seven percent of  Energy and Utilities CEOs see customer insights as the most critical investment area.
    IBM CEO Energy and Utility Study 2012
  • The first step is acknowledging that the attitudes of customers do matter, and their opinions must be considered when shaping energy-efficiency policies.

    EE Global Conference 2013
  • In the U.S. each year $83 billion is lost in sales in the U.S. due to poor customer experiences.

    Datamonitor/Ovum 2011